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Leadership Coaching Program

  • 15Weeks

Our Leadership Program offers a 12 week individualised coaching to develop and strengthen your innate leadership capabilities. The coach will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses to create a plan that will help you become a better leader. Our program is designed to be flexible to suit a variety of needs, whether it be professional, personal, or a combination of both. This program is based on Integral Theory developed by philosopher Ken Wilber. This approach integrates various perspectives, including cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and spiritual, to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to leadership. The benefits of the program include: - Holistic perspective on leadership, taking into account all aspects of human experience, including cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and spiritual dimensions. - Improved decision-making by considering multiple perspectives and dimensions, leading to more balanced and informed decisions. - Enhanced creativity and innovation by fostering a culture of exploration and experimentation, which can lead to new ideas and solutions. - Greater self-awareness by encouraging individuals to reflect on their own perspectives and experiences, leading to personal growth and development. - Sustainable impact through emphasis on the importance of long-term sustainability and ethical leadership practices, leading to positive and lasting impact on organisations and communities.


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