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Targeted Coaching Program

  • 12Weeks

The Targeted Program offers a comprehensive approach to help you reach a specific goal. Our 12 week program is tailored to your needs and focuses on the topic of your choice. Our program is designed to help you achieve success in a timely and efficient manner. The benefits of the Targeted Program include: - Clarity around the 'why' for a stronger motivation and clearer objectives - Clear focus on a specific goal that can be explored through various angles and perspectives that are unique to you so you get greater transformation that are long lasting - Clear target/focus can help setting clearer targets so you know exactly what needs to be achieved to reach your goal so it's easier to measure progress and know when you have achieved - Increased awareness and shifts around your specific blockages that are holding you back from achieving your goal - Increased awareness of your patterns, strengths, blind spots which can lead to further transformation - Better accountability, as individuals work towards achieving specific goals and are held accountable for their progress. - Improved communication skills, which can positively impact personal and professional relationships - Increased confidence as you achieve your goals, they gain confidence in their abilities, which can lead to improved self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. Overall, having a targeted coaching plan can lead to personal and professional growth, improved performance, and a better quality of life.


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