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Everyone has the potential to Lead 
self, others and organisations.

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Meet InLead Coaching

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​Welcome! I am Jane Tumurbaatar, the founder and lead coach at InLead Coaching and I am passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential and reach the goals they have set for themselves.


At InLead Coaching, we offer personalised mindset coaching that is uniquely specific to your experience to help you make long lasting changes and unleash your full potential. InLead coaching will help you lead from the heart and gut whether you lead yourself, family and/or organisations.

At InLead Coaching, we use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Integral Theory to help my clients find clarity and develop the confidence to take action. We firmly believe in the power of individualised coaching. We take the time to get to know my clients and understand their unique needs and goals. Through a combination of compassionate listening, powerful questioning, and forward-thinking vision, we strive to help my clients reach their highest potential.

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I specialise in...

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Cognitive Biases


Integral Theory 

Identity Compass Assessment

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The Journey Towards Leadership and Success Begins with Self Leadership. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Over the 6 months I worked with Jane, I shifted so many blockages and had countless "aha" moments. I have been able to quit my full time corporate job, move to another state, start my own business and leave a long term relationship that was not healthy for me. I would 100% recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to have serious realisations about their life and have the accountability to be held towards their goals. Thank you so much Jane!”

- Yasmin, 21, TAS, Australia 

“My coaching sessions with Jane have shifted my life in so many positive ways, I have so much gratitude for Jane. She has a compassionate and direct style, her expertise shines through during her sessions, she knows how to hold space for her clients. 
She helped me release many limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in the past. I now understand that everyone sees the world in a different way, I am no longer triggered by others into a spiral of anxiety and over thinking, I take what they say as simple communication rather than extracting my meaning. This has created so much joy and lightness in my life.
My internal dialogue no longer exists; which is completely amazing as my inner mean girl used to be in full flight most days. With this new found mental clarity and calmness I spend most of my time in the present moment, alleviating my daily anxieties.
My main takeaway from 6 months of coaching with Jane are that I can do hard things, I can take on challenges and back myself doing them; my attachment to past failings and events is no longer shaping how I create my future. And with this knowingness I have so much expansion and freedom to truly choose my future direction.
I would definitely recommend Jane as a coach!”

- Anna, 44, VIC, Australia 

“I have been coaching with Jane for 6 months whilst going through some major life changes. Jane has held the space for me to unfold whilst pointing to the areas I needed to address that have been limiting my potential. I have been able to get awareness of what has been behind the problems I thought were my problems which has given me the choice to show up differently and in more resourceful ways. I feel much more in control my life. I would recommend Jane to anyone looking to conduct their own self-enquiry.”

- Jared, 33, NSW, Australia 

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